Hole in a curved surface

Previously, adding a hole in on a complex curved surface was not easy to do in Inventor. With the new Curve On Face feature in Inventor 2017, this has been made much easier. This is how it’s done:

-Start a 3D sketch.
-Select “Curve On Face”.
-Draw a 3 point spline on the surface, with the 4th connecting to the first one to close the loop.

hole on surface

-Finish the 3D sketch.
-Create a plane out of 3 points, using the 3 points from the spline.

hole on surface 2

-Create a 2D sketch on the plane.
-Add a circle on the 2D sketch and place it in the center of the spline points. The circle will be used to extrude the hole.
-Finish the 2D sketch.
-Create an axis by selecting “Normal to Plane through Point” and select the mid point and the work plane. This axis can be used later to align a screw.

hole on surface 3

-Add a work point to the center point. This will be used later to place a screw.
-Extrude the circle with a cut operation. You might have to extrude it both ways to create a clean cut.

hole on surface 4

-Hide the 3D sketch and the work plane, leaving only the hole, work point, and the work axis behind.

hole on surface 5

-Now you can add a screw, rod, etc in an assembly.

hole on surface 6


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